Principals Message

Principal Message
Government Ramanuj pratap singhdev PG college welcome all students. It’s a proud for us that you chose our college for your higher studies. We are assuring you that to upgrade your education level we all will put our best. True objective of higher education is all round development of our youth. Providing opportunities for development, collecting resources and creating environment are responsibilities of the Institution. Talents are not sole right of urban areas it can be found in rural areas too; only thing that we have to provide is opportunity.

To study, think and grasp the knowledge is your responsibility and to support you with the help of good teaching, books, news paper, magazines, journals and sports material is our part of effort.

Discipline is the first step to success. By joining the NSS(National service Scheme) you can be the Ideal citizen and can bring glory to our nation. By joining the Red cross club you can participate in global effort of serving the humanity. By participating in cultural events, public speech and writing you can explore new heights of your talent.

Different committees will help you regarding different matters.

You can take help regarding solution of your problem by meeting in person with principal between office times.

We are hoping for your best future ahead……

Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Gupta