Vision and Mission
Mission & Objective

1. to make education approachable for the economically and socially under-privileged sections of the society.

2. to provide state-of-the art quality education.

3. to maximize the use of technological advances in teaching, learning, and research.

4. to enhance students’ skills, in accordance with the market demands, to effect self-reliance, employability and sustainable professional development.

5. to instill the values of social responsibility and nurture leadership among the students.

6. to develop self-confidence, courage and competitive spirit to sustain and excel in the changing global scenario.

7. to culture human values in the students.

8. to maximize the opportunity to participate in sports, cultural activities, and other extra-curricular activities.

9. to kindle the students’ inquisitiveness and providing training in research methodology to effect enhancement and creation of knowledge.


Government Ramanuj Pratap Singhdeo Post Graduate College, Baikunthpur aims at working in synergy with the immediate community, being sensitive to its demands and values and to serve it with quality and value-based education. The college is committed to make use of the technological advances, state-of-the art knowledge to enable the students to cope with the ever-evolving world of the age. The college aims not only at generating a human potential which is skilled enough to earn livelihood, but also keeps virtues at the highest. The college looks forward to build a human resource which is capable of creative thinking, has leadership in different walks of life and a commitment to thrive for excellence in their chosen career. It aims at offering such an education which will act as a tool to grow youth into responsible citizens so they can shoulder their responsibilities in welfare of the society.